Frequently Asked Questions

My insurance company said Solesbee is not on their list? Can I get my car fixed at your place?

Yes you can! You can take your car to any shop of your choice, and we can guide you through the process. Give us a call and we will handle it with you!

Am I the claimant or insured?

This just depends on whose insurance you are going through. If you are using your own insurance to repair your car, you are the insured. If you are going through somebody else insurance to fix your, you are the claimant. Regardless of who was at fault, this is always the same.

Can you get the factory paint for my vehicle?

There is really no such thing as a factory paint, so no. This is because there are different locations for many vehicle manufactures, and depending on the area and availability, each facility will use different brands of paint, also each color is made up of usually up to 5 different colors to achieve the one individual color. Each color is matched per the vehicle manufacturer paint code, then each color is mixed and hand tailored to give your vehicle the best factory repair match as possible. We often tint the color to try to match age and different brands that the manufacturer will end up using. Its quite complicated.

How do I get a Solesbee shirt?